Koncept Interior design®

Mr. Afzal/01.01.2018

I cannot describe with enough praise the high level of professionalism of this company. The main words that come to mind are availability, reliability, attention to details, great personal care, top class products and finishing touches. The whole house was transformed in no time into a beautiful, tasteful and cosy home as each room was provided with the best quality for value blinds and curtains.

Mr. Shamim/12.01.2018

When we first met the KID team we knew we had found what we needed: a group of young, enthusiastic, sensitive designers. And also as we soon found talented and efficient. But what impressed us the most was their ability to listen to our story, who we were and what we had in mind for the condo we had just acquired by the sea. They were from then able to propose a beautiful concept encompassing the essence of our vision. The rest was creativity, talent and hard work with a superb final result .We also made some friends.

Mr. Tahir Ali /08.02.2018

“KID turned my house into a home. At the end, it was better than I could have ever imagined. We love it!”

Mr. Saeed /15.02.2018

“I am one of the many satisfied customers who have used Koncept Interior Design. Mr. Habib recognizes the value of extraordinary service, thrives to maintain that, and shows professional concern for the quality of work performed. It was a pleasure to work with Habib on my new home.”

Mr. Akash /17.02.2018

I can’t express how much I adore the colour scheme, textures, layout, joinery & furniture you have put together for us. You have taken my vision and designed the hell out of it. Just beautiful. And functional. And because you’ve been so clever with priorities, our budget limitation for the work means what we walk into will feel complete even though we’re missing quite a few items from the shopping list.  You’re a delight to work with and have a fabulous sense of style!

Mr. Aayush /2.03.2018

Many thanks for all your help in the process. Your concept is absolutely great and I’ve already shared the information about your platform around me.

Miss. Mayra /11.03.2018

I am very thankful to the concept interior designer that he has made our new home our dream home and especially want to say thanks to Mr. Habib that he gave us a better advice which ended our dilemma.

Mr.Jatin /21.03.2018

I found that every house has a very big roll of designer and interior which gives a different feel to the house. Before I met the concept interior designer, I was looking for a good interior designer. Concept interior design from one of my friends. I found out that I called and fixed the meeting with them and the best thing was that he  listen to our requirements and story very heartily and in the same view, he prepare both your home and design. I am very happy. And I am  that today my home has changed from an Ordinary Home to a Luxury Home, which has things according to our convenience.

Mr. Nakul /27.03.2018

The service you provide is extremely valuable. I would definitely recommend Koncept Interior Designers to anyone interested in designing their home.

Mrs.Sara /01.04.2018

KID Interior has a great team, friendly relation, they designed the ideal house for my needs. It is a fantastic project, we are very happy! They were originally recommended to us by a friend.

Mrs.Anayat /13.04.2018

We love the basement. The entire house. Don't know how to say thank you. But. Thank you. Very much.‎

 Mrs. Niyati /25.04.2018

We love the kitchen! It was totally the right thing to do! The layout, floor and backsplash, are wonderful. Thank you for your input and wonderful ideas. It’s really been a pleasure to work with you.

Mrs. Huda /09.05.2018

I just wanted to say thanks you so MUCH of the consultation – so helpful and informative! We're very excited about turning our space into our place. Thanks again.

Mrs. Nikita /27.05.2018

Just wanted to let you know I had 100 people walk through my home after the ceremony and they were so impressed on how the house looked .

I can’t believe how may compliments I received. I had people go through every room like it was a museum.

Mr. Harpreet /04.05.2018

I am very thankful to the kid team who have made our living room into a much better living room. Today, our entire family enjoys sitting together in this living room.

 Mrs. Nidhi /20.06.2018

I am a very happy and thankful to Koncept Interior Design  team
That they have made us a better home. All the members of the KID team are very professional and nature friendly. I just want to say the Koncept Interior Design team a Big Thanks.

Mr. Tanvir /05.07.2018

We always wanted to design our home with an interior designer, but we were unable to find a good designer to do our home interior according to the budget, then we got the concept interior design from our neighbor. The best thing we came to know about was that the Concept Interior Design Company decorated our home according to our budget and today we are very happy and from my side a Big Thanks Concept Interior Design Company and their Team Member.

 Mr. Bhavneet/18.06.2018

It is an absolute pleasure to work with KID Interiors. They are an amazing team of young professional Interior Designers who specialize in exclusive projects The dedication and passion they show for their work makes it easy for us to collaborate with them on any design decision.

 Mr. Jaswant /2.07.2018

We have had a professional relationship with KID Interiors for several years. Their sense of design and energy is a joy to work with. The team always manages to deliver a design that is completely unique to the customer’s needs and tastes.

 Mr. Gurvir/9.07.2018

Creative designers and true professionals. Koncept Interior Design work is very elegant and clean and they can be as original and fun as their clients wants them to be. Great team to work with!

 Mr. Shaman /25.07.2018

The concept interior design team is practical, professional, talented and calm in nature. They possess all the important attributes necessary for a successful customer-designer relationship. We were thrilled with our project and the result exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with them again in the near future on our next renovation.

 Mr. Abdul /01.08.2018

The entire project was well designed, managed and completed as expected. Thank you Koncept Interior Design, Excellent Job.

Mr. Noman/12.08.2018

Thank you Koncept Interior Design  for doing an excellent job in the Interior Design and Execution of our office expansion in Delhi We are very happy with the assignment. We awe truly appreciative. All the best!!!

 Mrs. Ridhi /26.08.2018

Overall experience was good, Project team was supportive and excellent. They executed the project as per our requirements.