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Decorating a home office can be a difficult task, and although there are so many things that you have to consider, wall desk ideas definitely have their place. If you find that you need a desk, but you dont want the traditional bulky type of desk, you might want to consider a wall desk idea. Just like regular desks, wall desks are fully functional, but they are generally smaller, which means they will take up a lot less floor space. They are a unique way of decorating a home, and they come in different colors and styles. Some of these desks are able to fold up into small decorative wall pieces when not being used, and some of them have several different types of tops, shelves, and drawers that will give you more room to do with what you need. These types of desks should be fixed on a sturdy wall to make sure that the wall desk will not fall off when weight is added to the desk. After all, what good is a desk that you are not able to put things on and use when you need to? You also want to consider the different home decorations that you will be putting on the desk to ensure that you will have enough space on the desk to put the things on it that you want. You can also choose the type of materials that the wall desk is made out of. Some are made out of wood, but there are some desks that are made out of plastic and metal, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages that you will need to consider to help ensure that they will meet your needs or the needs of the one that will be using this desk.

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Black Student Style Wall Desk 

If you like simple but elegant furniture, this might be an excellent wall desk idea to suit your side. This wall desk is made from quality wood. It is painted black, which can be inserted into most décor styles, and it has plenty of space for your student to keep their computer, books, and other essential school items. There is even an open space in the middle to let them hang up all of their school assignments and activities. With this idea, you can also choose different types of seating to fit your student’s needs, while still matching their personality.


Old Timey Wood Wall Mounted Desk

You’ll enjoy this unique and small wall desk. The top of the desk is made from a solid light colored wood, which adds accent to the two drawers. The faces of the drawers are made with the look of old timey plank wood. There is plenty of room on the top of the wall desk for a laptop computer, and it also has plenty of extra room for small fixtures like a pen cup, printer or notebook for taking notes or transferring them to your laptop. It also has a small open shelf on one side to provide even more useful space.

 Solid Wood Folding Wall Table Design

This is the perfect wall desk if you are in need of a desk that takes up very little space but is still fully functional. It has multiple sections to allow you to keep any sort of office supplies you need, and it even has a small cork board to allow you to pin important notes, pictures, and other things that are important to you. The best thing about this desk is its let down desk top. When you are through using your desk, you can close it up, leaving the desk to look like a beautiful piece of wall décor furniture.


Black Simple Home Office Desk

This desk is an excellent way to show off your simplistic but fun home decor ideas. It is made out of solid wood and is painted black to be able to go with various home decoration idea. It has a flat desk top with plenty of space for a laptop, printer, and small office supplies that you will need to be productive. It also comes with three small sections under the desk top to provide extra room for you to store your books and other office needs without cluttering up the top.


Small and Simplistic Folding Wall Table

Do you have a small room that doesn’t have a lot of floor space for a full size desk? If you find you are running into this issue, this will make a great desk option for your home office or bedroom. It can be mounted directly to the wall, and the desk top space is large enough for a full size laptop computer. The best part about this wall desk is that the top can be folding down to lie flat against the wall leaving you with extra move around space in the room that you place it in. The desk it made out of solid quality wood, which makes it a durable option.


Solid Wood Plant Style Home Decoration Desk

If you are looking for an awesome idea for a wall desk for either you bedroom or home office, this could be the perfect option for you to consider. This has a unique and simple design, and the top of the desk is made out of a thick solid wood plank. It is held up by solid level wedges that hook directly into your wall. It is sturdy enough to hold the weight of a full sized laptop and a few other lighter desk or office supplies that will be useful.

Computer Tower Wall Mounted Desk 

This is a cute mounted wall desk that is capable of holding a full sized tower style computer, and the wall desk is made from a durable light colored wood, which will allow you to easily match it to your other home decoration style. This is a good choice if you are looking for a small student style desk. It has a pull out table for their keyboard, and there are also two small shelves that are capable of holding their notebooks, text books, and other needed school resources at the tips of their fingers. You just have to make sure that you have it secured against a durable wall.


Double Sided Folding Wall Table

Are you in need of a comfortable but small place to eat or spend time with a friend? If so, this folding wall table is an cute way of getting some alone and intimate time without taking up a lot of floor space. The table connects to the wall, and it has two legs that found out to make room for a chair on two or three sides of the small table. It is small but it has a cool design that allows you to show off your good home decoration skills at their finest.

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Contemporary Wall Desk

This is a cool looking wall desk that is designed for someone that has the need for a home office desk idea but doesn’t have a lot of floor space to work with. It is made out of wood, and it is painted black, which makes it easy to go with a number of different styles of home décor. It has two small shelves and one long shelf on the top of the desk that is designed to give you a place for books and other small desk luxuries. It also has plenty of space available for a regular sized laptop on the make desk top area.


L-Shaped Corner Wall Desk

This small wood desk is designed to fit snuggly up in the corner of any room, and it is will hang on most types of walls. The desk top is made out of a light colored wood, and it is able to hold a laptop computer, and it comes with a complimentary shelf to match, which gives you more room to store books or add extra nick knacks that you wish to have displayed in the room in question.


White Rounded Wall Desk

This does not have the traditional desk style. It can be used for various applications, and it has a cool rounded design that makes it an interesting desk top. The top of the desk is large enough for a laptop computer or other small things like makeup or interesting conversation pieces. It also comes with a small drawer that you can use to organize various things that you want to keep within reach.