T.V Unit

The most important decision regarding a new TV stand will be the general design that works best for you and your home. This is the specific shape, structure, and function that you will likely utilize for years, so finding the right design is paramount.

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 Open Shelving

The open shelving design is quickly becoming the most popular, especially for those who are looking for a more less obtrusive setup, conserving space and providing an open visual element. Usually a central frame holds several shelves, and often provides a mounting bracket for the television itself.

Koncept Interior design®


With a singular, holistic shape, the console design incorporates useful shelving and abundant surface area into a concise piece of furniture. Most models have closed shelving and a rectangular structure.

Stand With Audio Towers

The TV stand with audio towers is a modular form that mimics most of the functionality and presentation of a full entertainment center, with a pair of tall structured shelves flanking the central stand and television itself. These allow for the placement of speakers and any other supplemental equipment.

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The hutch is a venerable piece of furniture, where cabinetry or shelving are stacked atop a horizontal counter space. The TV stand variation merely makes room for the television and carries flanking cabinetry.



The cabinet TV stand design comes in two major flavors: one more akin to the console models, with closed cabinetry below an open surface upon which the television sits, and one not unlike a standard armoire, with drawers set below a fully enclosed large space where the screen can be hidden away when not in use.



The swivel design TV stand sets the entire structure upon a rotating platform, allowing for the stand itself to be angled in any given direction for better visibility. This is perfect for televisions without a rotating base, or for those who mount speakers in or on the stand.


The floating design is a wall-mounted unit that allows for completely open floor space and a clean, unobtrusive look. These contain shelving and, often, cord concealment. TVs can be stood on top, or wall-mounted themselves above the floating stand.


Entertainment Center

The entertainment center is a venerable furniture piece that can really set a living room off, with its singularly massive presence, artful presentation of the television and associated electronics, and rich, detailed construction. These units are larger than any standard TV stand, and often contain shelving or closed cabinetry for housing art pieces, books, and your media collection.