11 Smart Ways To Organise Your Storage Room Without Making It A Mess

In most homes, the smallest room or the basement merely is kept reserved as a storeroom. These storage rooms can very easily get converted into messy corners. 

To avoid that, follow these professional tips to keep your storage room organised and beautiful.

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1. Start with taking an inventory.

The first step in organising your storage room is by taking inventory of all the contents. You cannot come up with an organisation plan without knowing what items you need to store in the room. So firstly, you need to go through the total space of the room and then list down the contents which should go into the room. You should also sort your belongings and identify the stuff which is necessary, and donate or expose off the non-essential items. 

If there are items in the room which need cleaning, like the clothing, or linens, then start by cleaning them.

2. Make groups of similar items.

Once you know what exactly you need to store in your storage room, then organising the contents becomes easier. You can start by clubbing the similar items together. You will want to keep all the winter jackets or rain boots in the same shelf, but you should avoid doing this. Instead, you should organise the items according to the theme. 

Also, you can group all your holiday decorations like ornaments or string lights together. You can also break these general categories into more precise groupings.

3. Customise your storage.

Remember that not all storage is equal. If you are storing day to day things like a pegboard wall, then you can hang the items in the front so that they are easy to grab. However, for occasional items like holiday decorations or winter clothing, it's best to store them in storage containers or garment bags. 

You can get specially made containers like rolls of wrapping paper and ribbons. You can also use your room’s vertical space for storage as well. Other than this, you can add wall-mounted shelves to separate items by category.

4. Create labels for all the items.

The key to an organised storage room is finding the right thing at the right time. To make this easy, you can put on labels for all of the storage options in your storage room. This makes it easy to locate items and know where to put new things. Also, be as specific as possible while creating the labels, so that you can always find exactly what you are looking for without having to open many boxes.

5. Take Care of the safety.

While designing your storage room, make sure that the shelving and the rest of the furniture are sturdy and firm. The shelves should be heavily framed with 2-by-4 studs and paintable plywood.  Measure the items which you plan to store to ensure appropriate clearance and depth. Also, remember that you should never place large or heavy storage items above 5 feet as there is a risk of injuries while trying to pick them.

6. Test your future plans and probable designs.

If you plan to remodel, then you need to test the functionality of your future designs and then place your storage items in the defined area. You should check whether your things are accessible by a stair? Do your size doorways need to move to get stored items in and out? Moreover, also test out different schemes till you find the one which works.

7. Plan the mechanics.

To cut down the costs, you should try to integrate storage areas around the technical locations of the house like electrical fixings, HVAC, plumbing, etc. This way, they also stay hidden as well as easily accessible.

8. Go for small cube cupboards.

Small cupboards are probably the most flexible solutions for storage. Moreover, they also offer great flexibility. They are easy to build and can be self-standing to rearrange the storage needs as per the changes.

9. Give preference to wall storage.

Go beyond the big shelving units; there are a few other options which can be more practical for your needs. You can also go for wire racks or magnetic systems for tools and a pegboard for sewing tools.

10. Bring in some big baskets.

Big baskets help to hide clutter and small items in an organised and accessible manner. For this, mix and match the different baskets or create a shelving system which allows space for multiple baskets of the same size.

11. Think about some lockers.

Lockers are a good way to organise personalised and valuable items. With lockers, you can also prevent those items from getting lost in the clutter and keep them safe. A locker is mostly necessary to organise things like winter wear, sporting gear, antiques or jewellery. You can also allow some lockers to the kids for their stuff like books, clothes, etc.

Hope these ideas will help you to organise your storage room without getting messy. For more such interesting ideas, stay connected to the Koncept Interior Design guides. Here you will get some unique ideas for designing and wonderfully decorating your dream home.

Making The Most Of Your Stairs: Tips And Tricks

Take a minute to think about your stairs. Is there anything exciting about them, or are they simply a practical installation to get you from one floor of your home to another?

If it's the latter, why not consider the ways you could make the most of your stairs with a few simple tips and tricks? Read on to discover our best ideas for combining Indian interior design with practicality when it comes to your staircase.

Build in some drawers.

If you're not using your under stair space, consider turning each stair into a hidden drawer. This could provide a wealth of storage for your home, keeping a wide range of clutter hidden out of sight.

Fit some ascending shelves.

Having some shelves strategically placed in an ascending style on your staircase will add a focal point to this area of your home, as well as giving you a space to display your favourite ornaments and pieces of home décor.

Another option is to fit larger shelves that can be used to store books, CDs, or anything else that needs a dedicated home for storage.

Give your 'cupboard under the stairs' a makeover.

Many homes have a cupboard under the stairs, and there's more you can do with it than you might think! Instead of simply using it as a 'junk cupboard' where you'll never find anything again, here are a few alternatives:

  • If your under stair space is large, you could turn it into a (very small) bedroom. While it wouldn't be ideal to sleep in full time, it could be great if you often have unexpected guests.

  • Who said the space had to be a cupboard? Don't be afraid to rip it out and expand your hallway. It could provide space for coats and bags, or even become a new home to your desk and family computer.

  • Another option for a hollowed out space would be to fill it with shelves. Imagine how much you could store neatly on them!

Use your stairs to make a style statement.

If your home is already on the practical side and you don't need any additional space saving hacks, that's not to say you can't still update your staircase. You could still use it to make an on-trend style statement in your home!

The interior décor you use on your stairs can help transition from the downstairs theme to the colours and styles you have upstairs. Alternatively, use it as a 'non-room' space to try out a bright, fun colour or fabric. Alternatively, if you really want to push the boat out, why not replace your stairs with an exciting spiral staircase or add some stylish statement bannisters?


However you decide to make the most of your stairs, always make sure that it reflects the style and aesthetic of your Indian home, as well as being practical for your needs.