Sofa Cum Bed

Comfort and convenience – a sleeper sofas offers both. From traditional framed ones, standard foldouts, pop ups to more, there is a large selection to choose from. Refer to this idea book to help you make the tough decision …

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The most basic of sleeper sofas, a futon has a metal or wood frame with a single mattress on top. When it’s folded up, the mattress creates both the back and seat of the sofa. While pretty comfortable as a bed, a futon can leave something to be desired as a sofa, since it has a firm and somewhat unforgiving seat.


A daybed is a single twin mattress that sits in a frame to give it the look of a sofa. Since the frame lacks the cushioning of a standard sofa, this style is best for a room that’s not going to be used regularly for entertaining.

Standard foldouts

This style is probably what comes to mind when you think of a sleeper sofa. The mattress is supported by a thick, canvas-like fabric that’s secured by springs on the side. Foldout mattresses come in a few different options: All innerspring, all foam or innerspring with an air topper – which seems to be the winner for comfort. These sleepers require more space since you need room to unfold the mattress.

Pullout pop-ups

This style operates like a trundle: A bottom mattress pulls out from under the sofa. You can use it as two twin beds, as seen here, or pop the lower mattress up to create a larger bed. You don’t need as much space to pull out the bed since it has you sleeping parallel to the back of the sofa.